Poker apps are just gift for Android cell phones. For those, who want to make maximum fun using Android devices, best Android apps are just on their way. Poker companies are giving serious attention to develop apps that can gratify android users in best way possible. Short list of amazing poker apps for android is just below down to help you choosing the one that will add to fun and amusement:

Red Kings

When it comes to poker apps, red kings, is the latest member entered into android poker family. With good graphics and user-friendliness, it is just ready to hit everyone’s heart.

Terminal Poker

If you want to play online android game, terminal poker is just excellent place to join. Having good casino, it will allow you to play on from the same account if you are little bored of poker. Recently, terminal poker has teamed up with revolution gaming to provide customers with a full desktop poker experience. It is all about providing its users with better option to play with speed poker game in your browser.

888 Poker

Just in mid of 2012, poker app for android exited the beta testing. There are regular updates to keep it working. It is free of errors and having excellent features to improve your poker experience. Its lobby is very simple and straightforward. Multi-table tournaments are added to it to enhance user experience. Chat function added to this app is a bit redundant as you’ve to move to different window to chat. Having a big screen phone will allow you to enjoy this app as plenty big. Playing this app will give you more fun and enjoyment.