Looking for more new android apps that are absolutely free? You are at the right place. We have put together some of the best android apps that everyone should consider to install to their smartphones to make thier life more easy. Let’s check them out and see what grabs your interest the most;



Having trouble managing your multiple email accounts? Look no further than Alto, a free android app allowing you to manage all of your email accounts at one place with a great ease. Now, you no longer need to log into different accounts to receive your important emails. You get a complete access to Dashboard feature giving you the detailed highlights of your emails. Supporting IMPA, POP3, iCloud, Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, Alto combines everything necessary to keep all of your emails under one roof.

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If you are after protecting your highly confidential data in your mobile phone, Applokc is the right app that can do the job. It’s free android app, but you can enjoy more features by paying for pro version. It’s an ideal choice for those worried about their nosy roommates and colleagues you think could damage your phone privacy.



That’s biggie when it comes to saving some money. Groupon is a free android app designed to help people find the discount coupons for services or goods. With this amazing app, you can save a lot of money quite easily.



Feedly is an amazing app to keep a close eye on all the latest news and stories. It allows its users to subscribe lots of different websites and get news from all of them at one place. It also comes with a support for YoutTube Channels, podcasts and more. So, get all of your interests under one roof absolutely free.