Whether your old garage door is damaged beyond repair or you simply want an upgrade, removal of the existing door is the first step to welcoming in a brand new one. Properly removing the old system involves safely dismantling and disposing of all components – tracks, springs, hardware, and panels. Let’s break down the removal process.

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Remove Door Panels

Starting from the top-most panel, gently unlatch each section and clear it from the tracks. Stack panels off to the side out of the way. Some may have clips or hinges requiring twisting or prying to remove smoothly without causing damage.

Detach Cables from Down Safety Mechanism

Find the pulley mechanism connected to the door by steel lifting cables. Very carefully remove tension on any torsion springs first before unhooking connections. Mark or photograph cable positions for proper re-installation later.

Remove Door Tracks

Unfastening hardware releases the door tracks from walls and ceiling. Typically they can slide out once detached, but you may need to unpin the track ends as well. Clear away any debris remaining in track areas.

Remove Torsion Springs

As scary as they look, torsion springs require a pro’s touch. Never remove them yourself unless you’re highly trained. Fortunately Garage Door Replacement in Glen Allen knows just how to safely relieve winding tension beforehand.

Dispose of Old Components Properly

Garage doors contain recyclable metals like steel and aluminum. Break panels into smaller pieces as needed and take everything, including unused hardware or hardware bags, to an appropriate facility for environmentally responsible disposal.

Prepare the Opening

Sweep and clear any remaining residue from tracks or ceiling mounting points. Make sure the rough opening is square, plumb and debris-free for efficient new door installation later. An extra layer of caulk or paint before installation never hurts either.

With the old garage door fully removed down to the very last nut and bolt, you’ve now prepped an empty but tidy space ready for the fresh new system to go in. Following disposal guidelines ensures old materials have a second life as recycled commodities too. Proper preparation at this stage results in a seamless upgrade experience overall with your sparkling new door installation by Garage Door Replacement in Glen Allen.