Woodbridge, VA – July 31, 2017 – Protostarr—a technology startup is raising Ethereum in their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the development of their web platform and decentralized application (DApp) which allows fans and investors to fund rising Youtubers and Twitch Casters in return for a share of channel revenue.

“Youtubers are today’s celebrities, and they’re making celebrity money from producing great video content,” said Joshua Gilson, CEO of Protostarr. “More are waiting to be discovered, and I’d like to see both celebrities and their loving fans make money in the process. Some celebrities need capital to reach critical mass and fans deserve a reward for backing the celebrities who they love.”

To accelerate the success of Youtubers and Twitch Casters, Protostarr would serve as a platform for content creators (or Starrs™) the ability to seek funding to produce better and more content. Fans and investors who give to their favorite creators through Protostarr would see a return on investment when the Starr starts earning channel revenue.

“We’re changing the model from donations to investment,” said Gilson, speaking on how content creators currently seek funding. “Protostarr gives fans the ability to see a real payoff for their loyalty, while investors looking for new, exciting opportunities could see payouts better than traditional investment avenues.”

As an Ethereum-based App, Protostarr’s underlying functionality is driven by smart contracts. The channel revenue that Starrs share with fans and investors is automatically distributed to investors based on agreements written into a smart contract using the Protostarr site. The number of periods a Starr agrees to pay fans and investors are negotiable.

About Protostarr
Protostarr is a new evolution for the world of digital media investing; changing the model from donation or sponsorship to investment. Using a custom web interface to build smart contracts for digital media content creators and fans to come together and profit from a channel’s success.

Shane Park
Buffalo, WY