Born on December 3, 1961, Rami Beracha is an Israeli venture capitalist who has served as managing partner in the world’s leading venture capital company Pitango Venture Capital. He believes in helping small businesses and startups establish their business.

Rami Beracha

Here’s what Rami Beracha says about business investment:

“The investor must have two basic and opposing instincts: the first is the ‘persecuted animal instinct’ whose aim is to escape the wrong investments The second is the ‘predatory beast instinct’, which aims to identify, while constantly escaping, a rare investment opportunity and devour it “

“The world is divided into two – those who follow their dreams and those who help them. Throughout my life I acted only according to my dreams”

During the course of 8 years (2000-2018), Rami served as the managing partner in Israel’s one of the most reputed and largest venture capital company Pitango Venture Capital. With a huge amount of experience in the venture capital, Beracha is very committed to helping start-ups grow big in no time. If you or your colleague is having trouble raising funding for their business ventures, be sure to contact Rami Beracha to get the best advice.

He is the co-founder and chairman of Sosa’s board of directors, a high-tech complex established in 2014. The company’s objective is to enable business links between Israeli startups looking for international collaboration and international firms who’re on the lookout for Israeli innovations. Sosa has centers in New York and Tel-Aviv.

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