YouTube is free, and everyone can have a channel for your business. However, to be successful with this media you need to have an understanding of best practices. YouTube is a very important tool for the success of a virtual company.  Here are some important tips to pump view YouTube (ปั้มวิว youtube, which is the term in Thai) channel engagement:

It's Time to Improve Your YouTube Channel! - 6 Tips

Company data. When creating a youtube channel for your company on YouTube, spend some time filling out the company information. This process will help the interested public identify with the business and follow the channel. It is also important not to omit useful data such as phone and website.

Interactivity. By initiating the publications on the channel videos, and inviting people to follow, it is very important to maintain interactivity, responding to comments from users and potential customers; as well as participating in groups related to its segment.

YouTube Ads. Only organic publications do not provide greater channel returns in terms of interaction. Therefore, investing in paid ads, directing the publications to the right consumer group will yield more expressive returns.

Manual publications. There are very effective media management tools on the market. However, it is indicated that the video publications are always done manually, so that the relevancy of the publication is not ignored by the social network.

Right moments. There are a number of studies on the ideal date, time and frequency for YouTube videos. So it’s worth analyzing these metrics and charting your own, based on the interactions in your videos, to then figure out the right time to approach the user.

Popularity. It’s not because the channel is on YouTube, that everyone will find it. Therefore, publicizing and making it popular is critical to the reachability, engagement, and success of the channel of your online store. So, promote your channel in every possible way.