There’re numerous apps to spy facebook account in a cell phone, such as: Netspy, among others. You can use this app to monitor facebook text messages, phone calls, GPS location and also other instant messages.

If you like to see everything that happens with a phone, you can do it simply by logging into your Netspy online account.

There are several reasons to choose Netspy to hack facebook account; we present them.


Monitor your child’s Facebook activities

As a parent, are you concerned about the facebook use of your teen’s cell phone? Does your teen talk to people he or she just see on facebook or do you realize he or she is involved in any wrong activities? Do you worry about bad guys that approach your teenagers through facebook? You aren’t alone, since any sensible parent should be.

As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your teen is safe over facebook. Usually, parents are also busy working and earning for their children’s future, so they completely forget to monitor what their children are doing.

Now, parents can monitor the whereabouts of their teenage children through facebook monitoring software, such as Netspy. This monitoring app helps you to be aware of facebook conversation, phone calls, SMS, shared media files, instant messaging chats, browsing data and more. Learn more about this app at

Monitoring of employees

Do you have some staff in your company who is less creative because they waste time while texting on Facebook? Do you like to see what they do online while they are at work? Do you worry about them misusing the secrets of your company? If you have answered affirmatively to any of above questions, Netspy is a solution you are may be seeking.

It records all facebook activity, so you can see them through your online control panel.