With every passing minute, various technological changes occur in our society. The rate at which it is changing will be different from what it is now. One of the most critical factors affecting and changing numerous aspects of daily life is the fast growth of artificial intelligence and robots.  

When we view different people’s ideas about how artificial intelligence and robots are changing the world, there are conflict results. Some think that intelligent technologies have unlimited power and enormous advantages; others are afraid of the expected “rise of the machines” and the devastation of the human race.  

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A Typical AI Example From Our Daily Life

AI and robotic technology are changing daily life not only in the office but outside the office too. People are now doing various tasks from small to big using AI and robots. Some of the most common fields that use AI are marketing and communication. 

AI Video

The Internet is a thing that is being used in every house, and different videos are seen on mobile, tv, laptop, etc. The making of such videos using AI technology is increasing rapidly. With the many features it offers, making a video is very easy, and you get an exceptional professional result. Such as TTS(Text To Speak), TTV(Text To Video) allows you to make a video just by adding text or script, and video or voiceover can be generated in a few steps. Moreover, AI avatars and AI generators allow you to use a model of your choice and generate subtitles of your preferences. You will get a synthetic video that can be exported anywhere. 

You see, that was just a single example of the use of AI and robotic technology in our daily life. The whole process was a matter of a few hours and can be done by a single person saving your time, money, and many more resources. So it is positively affecting us in our lives. For More Detail Visit Now AI Studios.