Despite the popularity of social media, email and other online networking tools, most companies still rely on the telephone system. The only difference is that the technology used by phone systems today are much more powerful and dynamic than traditional systems. As a result, companies have more choices than ever and in the end, the customer is the winner.

Hotel telephone systems

Telephone systems that are used in hotels are known as hospitality phone systems. They usually have the same features and functions as a business telephone system but they come with some additional hotel specific functions and applications.

Enhancing customer experience

A high quality phone system for hotels is like an extension of a computer network which is operated by handsets instead of keyboards. It can be connected to the hotel network in order to empower employees to serve guests better.

The hotel’s phone system does a major job of making the guests feel comfortable and allow them to have a wonderful stay. Upon check-in, receptionists can pull up a file about the guest or make a new one. She will be able to see the guest’s details and add information such as special requests and check out time. The receptionist will be able to handle and manage requests directly from a touchscreen handset.

A multiline phone system will allow several guests to connect to front desk smoothly. No waiting in line, no busy tones. Guests can be serviced immediately.

A good phone system will be able to check guests in and out. It can also allow a Do Not Disturb setting for guest extensions. Guests can also schedule wake up calls. The receptionist does not need to keep track of guests with wake up calls and the times they need to be called up as the system will automatically do this. This reduces human errors.

Housekeepers can also benefit from this system as they will be able to set the room status. They can ensure that all rooms are clean before the day ends.

For easy billing, receptionists can keep track of calls that guests make. The system will generate a list for easy billing.

Choosing the right phone system

Designing and implementing the right hospitality system is not an easy task. It is not a job for an inexperienced service provider. You need a provider that has expertise in IT, telecommunications and even logistics so that you can ensure that installation runs smoothly.

Multiline phone systems can be expensive but there are top providers that offer affordable systems. You can save on costs and improve your bottom line. You can also have complete control of your system.

Check with your local providers if they can offer you packages that include a phone service and a virtual PBX and broadband connection. This is a more robust combination. Make sure that your bandwidth can handle both data and voice calls so that you and your guests won’t experience any problems.

If you need help, you can also use reputable comparison websites in order to get the best engineers and IT/Telecoms experts in your area.