Portable measurement arms, also known as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) arms, are handheld devices used for industrial inspection and measurement purposes. They consist of a series of interconnected joints and arms that can be positioned and manipulated to reach and measure the dimensions of objects or parts. The end of portable cmm arms is equipped with a probe, which is used to touch and measure the object’s surface. The probe can be a touch probe, which physically contacts the surface, or a non-contact probe, which uses lasers or other means to gather data without physical contact.

Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines in Metrology

Advantages of 3D Measurement

The portable measurement arms are exploring new horizons of 3D measurement. In many industrial and manufacturing settings, traditional measuring equipment can be time-consuming, difficult to move and install, and limited in its ability to access complex geometries.

There are several advantages to using a 3D measurement device, such as a portable measurement arm. Here are the reasons why portable measurement arms are high in demand –

Increased accuracy: 3D measurement devices provide highly accurate measurements, often within microns, reducing the risk of human error associated with manual measurements.

Time savings: The ability to rapidly capture data in 3D and process it quickly saves time compared to traditional measurement methods. Overall, CMM arms are an essential tool for metrologists and engineers, providing fast, accurate, and reliable measurements for various industrial applications.

Improved repeatability: The consistency and repeatability of 3D measurement devices ensure reliable results from one measurement to the next.

Versatility: 3D measurement devices can be used for many applications, from inspecting small parts to scanning large objects and even entire rooms.

Ease of use: With intuitive software and straightforward data processing, 3D measurement devices are easy to use, even for individuals with limited technical expertise.

Improved visualization: 3D measurement devices provide detailed, interactive visual representations of objects or parts, allowing users to see and understand complex geometry in a way that is impossible with traditional 2D measurement methods.

Increased efficiency: The portable cmm arms are also used in metrology for industrial inspection and measurement purposes. In metrology, a CMM arm is a highly accurate, portable measuring device that provides precise and repeatable measurements of parts and objects.

Some benefits of portable measurement arms include increased efficiency and accuracy compared to manual measurements, the ability to inspect complex geometries, and the ability to perform measurements in hard-to-reach areas.


Portable measurement arms are commonly used in manufacturing and engineering to perform quality control inspections, reverse engineering, and prototyping. They are known for their accuracy, repeatability, and ease of use, making them valuable tools for various industrial applications. CMM arms are also commonly used in the automotive, aerospace, and medical device industries to ensure that parts meet precise specifications and are free of defects.

The accuracy and versatility of portable cmm arms make them ideal for many metrological applications, including dimensional inspection, first article inspection, reverse engineering, and quality control.