A security system is essential in dangerous workplaces to ensure employee and patient/inmate safety. Indeed, without one, things could go out of hand very quickly. Now, there are many types of security systems available on the market. However, recent wireless and ultrasound technology advancements have allowed the creation of great security devices : man down alarms. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a man down alarm in your securitry system.

Wireless Security Systems are Often More Cost Effective than Hardwired Solutions in Old Institutions

Many organizations that require that a security system is active inside their walls operate in old buildings. Prisons, psych wards and youth centers are good examples of this reality.

Installing a wired security system in these places prove to be costly and a system that combines the power of wireless and ultrasound is usually more cost effective because it requires less hardware and material in order to work.

By Using a Man Down Alarm, an Employee Who is Facing a Dangerous Situation is Able to Request Backup No Matter Where He or She is

The main perk of integrating man down alarms into a security system is that they can be activated anywhere. Indeed, there is no need for employees to run towards a physical emergency button or make a phone call to request backup when in danger.

The way these alarms work is the following : when a lone worker finds himself or herself in a precarious situation involving an aggressive inmate or patient, they can press on the button found on their man down alarm to send a distress signal to the security system’s central receiver. This signal is intercepted by the receiver within 5 seconds of the initial button press which is then sent to people who will be able to help on compatible devices. The alarm will work everywhere inside or outside the organization’s walls sol one workers are safe no matter where they are located.

Other Benefits of Using a Man Down Alarm

There are many other benefits of using a man down alarm for security purposes. Here are a couple of them.

  • Man down alarms are compact and portable so they can be easily carried by employees at all time.
  • It is a flexible system.
  • It can send a distress signal to a wide variety of compatible devices including cell phones, computers and portable radios, among others.

This concludes our article on the benefits of using a man down alarm in your security system. If you are managing an organization such as a youth center, a prison or a psych ward, we highly recommend that you give it a look. We are convinced that you will see the value of handing a man down alarm to each of your lone workers since it will make them feel safer therefore more productive. If you want more information about such alarms and your security systems needs, to no hesitate to contact a security system specialist.