Often, many people find traveling takes a huge hit on pocketbooks, leaving many to forgo leaving home at all. Luckily, New Orleans is one of the easiest cities to experience on a budget. Here are FUHWE’s 5 tips to experience NOLA like a local…

  1. 1. Transportation Forget renting a car, New Orleans both incredibly walkable and has cheap public transportation. Streetcar rides are about $1.25, while ferry rides up and down the Mississippi only cost $2.00.
  1. Free Attractions Almost everywhere you turn is picture perfect, making it the perfect travel destination. Head to one of the many above-ground cemeteries for a truly creepy experience. The Garden District houses gorgeous historic buildings that take you back to the heyday of New Orleans. These are just a few of the free attractions in the Big Easy!
  1. Music The birthplace of jazz does not disappoint visitors looking for cheap entertainment. Street performers can be found on almost every corner, providing the perfect background music while strolling through the city. Toss in a few bucks to tip your favorites.
  1. Tours Before you head down south, print up some walking tours of New Orleans based on your interests. There are also a huge selection of free and low cost apps to guide you through the Big Easy, such as GO NOLA and New Orleans Official Visitor’s Guide. Or, focus on more interest-specific apps for ghost themed tours or ones about the rich history of New Orleans.
  1. Food The Crescent City Farmers Market boasts the best New Orleans has to offer, with delicacies to die for. Check out their website for daily events and specials. The French Quarter has some of the best restaurants in the city, offering up po-boys and crawfish, leaving you satisfied without breaking the bank.

Sure, you can definitely spend a lot of money in New Orleans and have a great time, but it isn’t necessary. FUHWE wants the world to know this is a dream city for budget-conscious travelers, allowing low-cost transportation, free attractions, and cheap eats.

Written by Max, marketing assistant for FUHWE, the hottest new travel app and website that creates unparalleled, memorable travel experiences by connecting explorers with locals.