There are lots of advantages of getting unlocked android phone. These are actually phones that identify SIM cards from any carrier. But, getting a locked phone means it would be able to read only card from a particular carrier. If you want to get the best unlocked android phone, hereunder is what you should select.

  • Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the good options with large HD display, Fast CPU, 1-2 GB RAM, Android 4.0 and excellent camera. It is best phone to purchase in terms of hardware. You will get pretty alike experience from the HTC One X.
  • Another good option to move on to is Samsung Galaxy Note. It is worth-buying phone with largest HD display and unique S Spen stylus to take notes. Best thing is it is very affordable phone to let you enjoy your desired functions.
  • HTC One is also one of the best android phones that can be chosen as unlocked phone. This amazing phone ensures your excellent mobile experience with beautiful design, beats audio, large vibrant display, latest generation CPU and NFC. This phone will give you premium Android experience with the price that will beat the top competitors. It will let you unlock bootloader and there is growing development community supporting the device.
  • Nexus of Samsung Galaxy is still great option to take advantage of. Loaded with Jelly Bean 4.1 and is one of the first devices to receive new Android versions. It is dedicated to deliver most bangs for the buck while providing its users with good software experience.
  • HTC One V is also worth buying phone in context of unlocked android phones. It is loaded with Bright 3.7 inch Super LCD2 flaunt for better viewing experience.