In this era of different businesses development, especially online business the organizations and groups are raising their capital to survive in the rapidly growing market. In the past decade, one of the primary sources of capital increase was popular crowdfunding, and it had positive impacts on millions of profitable businesses.


With the passage of time the movement has changed its shape and become decentralized crowdfunding, it works especially in capital raising and market generals. However, here we only discus the evolution of decentralized crowdfunding along with its outline and future.

Crowdfunding is a trend toward the development of businesses, with the collaboration of people desires and building community to its ethos. Decentralized crowdfunding is a growing niche that makes a difference by separating this niche with philosophical and technical nature.

The significant difference in decentralized crowdfunding is that it is accomplishing that it is making the fraction in the cost to run a business comparing to the rational businesses. This is making the businesses more secure and unalterable with the available combinations of technology.

WeiFund aims to start a foothold in dispersed or web 3.0 crowdfunding. It means to be eventually caring of operations and stages in the space of the coming years, being a provider of first code, interfacing, and capitals to establish crowdfunding a primarily available and free value for everybody.

The businesses functioned on smart-contract ecology system that can be hyperactive financed, where complicated symbolic or ledger schemes can be promptly applied in actual time, increasing the set of available choices for businesses persons who want to invest.

Decentralized crowdfunding platforms will power the essential nature of smart agreements to create opportunities for this technology. Now it’s up to the business personals if they are interested in using this technology to enhance the capital of their businesses by attracting investors toward their business.