Are you having trouble making thick hookah smoke clouds? Don’t know how you can do it? No worries, you have come to the right place. In addition to allowing you to smoke flavored and sweetened tobacco through a water pipe, a hookah can also be used to make thicker smoke clouds. Mostly smokers do so because it gives them a sense of accomplishment and a fun kick. However, the majority of smokers still don’t know how to produce thick smoke clouds using a hookah. Below are some of the best tips we’ve gathered to help you get thicker smoke clouds from each puff.

Tips for Making Bigger Hookah Smoke Clouds

Getting your gear ready for denser clouds

Before your try thick clouds, it’s important that you get your hookah ready for the shot. Make sure your hookah is fully air tight, check the hose, base and bowl. If you feel air coming through while smoking, fix it for better, thicker smoke clouds.

Take care of the amount of water

The amount of water you put in your hookah base will also determine how smooth your hookah works. So if you want to enjoy big clouts, it’s highly advised that you use more water. You can also use other liquids such as ice water, or milk to smooth out your hookah smoke.

Supply more heat to your hookah

The more charcoal or more heat provided to the shisha, the thicker and denser the smoke will be. If you want to achieve thick smoke without compromising on the smoke quality, this is the trick for you.

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