Since their first inception, projectors have become more sophisticated, user-friendly and easy to set up. As such, some of the biggest trends at the moment are mini, pocket and pico projector. They are all portable projectors which are lightweight enough to carry, but offer the same qualities as large projectors. While these aren’t out of the picture yet, their size doesn’t exactly allow them to be carried outdoors.


Taken as a whole, the above-mentioned portable projectors fall within the same spectrum, but with a few technicalities. For example, the pico projector is smaller and dimmer than its mini counterpart. In addition, the palmtop projector which is medium-sized offers more versatility than a pocket projector. On the other hand, the mini LED projector which is bigger and brighter than the pocket projector, also describes this whole group of small projectors.

Regardless of which one of these you plan to purchase, the key to getting the most out of them is to use them right. If you’re looking for standard features of a projector, you’ll be disappointed as they just aren’t meant to be that. So, before you buy any of them, there are certain things you should keep in mind.


The Brand

This is a very important rule when you’re determined to buy any type of projector. It’s a fact that if you’ve had good experience with a certain brand in the past, you’re more likely to continue to be satisfied with it in the future. However, this doesn’t mean you should immediately eliminate other brands and new models. For instance, have a look at a this particular projector. Who knows, maybe this will become your instant new favorite.

The Price

The projector you choose should fit into your budget. So, before you place an order, be sure to check the prices carefully. Visit myMobile Gear for products with most affordable prices. If you take into consideration all the tips mentioned in this article you’ll be able to make the most out of any projector both for indoor and outdoor uses.


Best Picture Quality

These projectors offer a wide variety of software and lens choices to help you achieve best picture quality. An LED projector is equipped with hardware specific to the function of the lens, whereas LCD designs rely on laser projection hardware. Even though laser-based projectors generally have a lower level of brightness, their hardware is better than that of LED projectors in terms of color accuracy.

Best Sound Quality

The sound quality of your projector depends both on its volume control and the setting of your device. There are some models with built-in speakers that produce quality sounds, and others that do not have speakers but headphone jacks which can be used for the same purpose.

Entertainment Value

One of the best reasons to buy a small projector is the entertainment value. If you’ve always longed for a big-screen TV for your home theater, but sadly lack the funds to buy it, you can definitely purchase a cheaper projector, depending on the model. Recreate the atmosphere of a big-screen TV by adjusting the projector’s distance from a wall or screen. You probably won’t have the crystal clear picture of an expensive TV, but it will come close.


A mini projector offers several applications you simply can’t get from a standard projector. Thus, you can connect your projector to your laptop, smart phone or tablet, making it easier for you to show websites, galleries to a group of friends or coworkers. Moreover, you can easily take it with you to classrooms or wherever you want to if you need to present in front of a group.

If you want to look at some top-quality projectors, be sure to check out myMobile Gear. And when you finally decide on a projector, here’s what you can expect:


Make Use Of Its Small Size

Even though there are a number of reasons to love a small projector, the biggest one is obvious: they’re convenient. You can reap the benefits of large-sized projectors with the only difference being a small size. This size refers to both the picture and the projector, which means it makes for a good travel companion. Thus, go ahead, pack it away in your business suitcase or purse and enjoy in its small size and compact resolution by setting it up for movie nights in your bedroom or in a small office.

Take Advantage Of Its Quick Setup

Whether you buy a pico or pocket projector, you’ll surely be able to get it completely set up in as little as two minutes. This includes all the tasks such as plugging in chords, turning on the device, and the subsequent warm up. This is a stark contrast compared to large-sized projectors that need two minutes just for warming up, let alone waiting for the connection time or start-up. By taking advantage of this quick setup, anyone will learn to appreciate its simplicity.

Use The Projector In Dark Environments

Pico projectors come in amazingly small sizes, but they’re limited in their brightness. You can find a wide range of these on myMobile Gear. Moreover, some of them wouldn’t be suitable in a room with the light on, as the picture wouldn’t be clear. Although there are those which tout more lumens than others, if you want to get the best result possible, you should turn off the lights. Projected images are actually easier to see in the dark.


Hook Up Your Devices

There are three ways you can connect your devices to the projector: by VGA, HDMI, and WiFi. The VGA port is a monitor port for laptops and computers, while the HDMI port is used mainly for video systems. And WiFi enables you a remote connection through your smartphone or tablet. In case you don’t have a cable for immediate use most projectors include their own connection cords.


All in all, the small projectors are exactly as they sound: small and convenient versions of a standard projector that you can take just about anywhere. If you put all the above mentioned tips into practice you will not only choose the best projector but also make the most out of it.