Since there’s a huge range of hookah models available in the market, one may have trouble deciding on a right hookah model. If you’re new to buying hookah, you’re at the right place. We have highlighted some of the most common hookah types you can go with. Let’s take a look at these types below;

How to Choose the Right Hookah Model for Your Hookah Smoking Needs

Modern Portable Hookahs

If you are after something new, there’s nothing better than buying modern portable hookahs. They are super convenient and nice, and feature a portable design to meet your modern day smoking ideas. What makes them the perfect choice among other type is that they are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Before you finalize any model, be sure to have a look at others hookah types, too. This will help you get an idea of hookah materials and sizes.

Chinese Hookahs

A Chinese hookah can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do they offer quality smoking experience, they can also be served as a decorate pieces in your home. What makes them an ideal option from the rest is their affordable price.

Egyptian Hookahs

Egyptian hookahs are usually three feet tall and offer quality smoking experience. The biggest drawback associated with Egyptian hookahs is that they aren’t that much portable. However, their elegant construction fills this gap quite smartly. They are ideal to be kept as a decoration piece in your home.

How you look at these hookah types? What’s your favorite hookah type? Be sure to let us know your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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