Thinking to learn driving a car prior to actually sitting on the steering wheel? No fuss, Carnetsoft car driving simulator does a great job, helping you drive more professionally without having to pay for expensive car driving sessions. Whether you’re a student or an individual wanting to learn car driving, this car driving simulator software is the right thing to get started.


The software is designed with modern needs in mind, providing great assistance in learning car driving. It comes equipped with everything necessary to become a professional car driver. The vehicle control lessons include but are not limited to – lane changing, gear changing, visual scanning of the surroundings and more.

Carnetsoft doesn’t only include simple and easy lessons but also features complex traffic behavior, covering all the possible situations including entering highways, driving on motorways and in towns and villages with unexpected events, application of Priority Rules, negotiating roundabouts and more. It also combines some tough training sessions like driving in sun blinding, snow, rain, fog and night, making it one of the best car driving simulator software.

The major focus is to help people learn car driving in a quite easy and safe way. Mostly novices take driving a difficult task and couldn’t perform well because of the fear of being dented or hit. Well, this software is a fully functional simulator developed to help beginners drive in a safe environment. It’s just like playing a game on your computer, where you’re all free to do anything without thinking much about the possible damages.

The Carnetsoft car driving simulator is an all-inclusive software that doesn’t only focus on learning vehicle controls, but also includes all the important aspects of Car Driving such as traffic interactions, special circumstances, unexpected hazards and safety awareness.