I’m long GYTI. This a gem of a little unknown company that I think is really interesting buy that will become a major success. Here’s the story:

GYTI has two lines of Technology

  1. Industrial applications of heating with the gyrotron, extraordinarily powerful tool that is very well known in high-energy physics but whose commercial utility is just beginning
  2. Autoclave free laminating


Its long, but it will give you a sense of the extraordinary breadth of what they have and it’s potential.

GYTI patented solutions will replace legacy and inefficient heating processes (e.g. lamps used to shape windshield glass), reducing costs and enhancing productivity. More than $9M has been invested in GYTI to date.

The gyrotron beam – GB -is the most robust industrial heating processes, producing a concentrated controllable beam of high frequency microwave energy in a continuous way. While gyrotrons share similar characteristics with lasers and conventional microwaves, they heat with ultra-rapid speed, performance, precision, and efficiency.

Some Samples of GB Technologies

Silicon wafer manufacturers activate dopants through heating, to enable high performance semiconductor fabrication. Using Gyrotron Technology solutions, wafer manufacturers can now activate the dopants in a more efficient manner and develop semiconductors with high-performance ultra-shallow junctions. Semiconductors with ultra-shallow junctions deliver higher-speed performance, while using less power.

Preliminary testing indicates Gyrotron Beam technology is utilized to decontaminate perishables such as meat carcasses, by eliminating 99.99%+ of bacteria on meat surface, in a super quick process without compromising food quality.

Gyrotron Beam applications include the following:

  • Tempering glass for automotive and residential applications
  • Industrial glass cutting
  • Curing polymers
  • Tempering thin glass
  • Solar

Remember this is an undiscovered hardly traded micro cap , so keep risk in mind. However , bottom line, I think this is the real McCoy!!