Business VoIP Phones have been gaining much attention recently. Nothing else to blame but their reliably functionality, these telecommunication solutions gave small business an edge over their bigger counterparts. The VoIP phone system proves to be an excellent way of communication for small business as these are affordable and easy to use. To help you make your mind, following are a few advances of this system you can’t afford to miss.

  • Integrating Home Based Workers

The Telecommunication for remote working and home based offices contribute more to the Global Workforce than you believe it does.  According to sources, the telecommuters will grow up to 3.9 million till 2016.  This is a 21% increase from the ongoing level. This will be prolific for small business and with the right technology; business can make the most out of this workforce. The VOIP phone can help connecting this workforce with companies and help it stay productive.

  • One Interface for Different Modes of Interaction

Interaction does not need to be a phone call always. Sometimes even an instant message can get the job done while sometimes a person to person approach is better. The VoIP phones are designed specifically according to the needs of small business. These systems allow call management, voice call messages, file sharing, chat and even screen sharing all in one place. These phones help for instant contact without waiting your time or money.

  • Mobility Support

Business VoIP solutions now support mobile apps to let workers make phone calls from their cell phones. These systems protect the personal information of users while helping them to balance their personal and work life. These solutions help businesses to make sure that employees are not the only ones with access to company’s customers as one person gets on one contact number. Customers can now contact the tea without a hitch.