Google Shopping is a way that Google has found to deliver products that users are looking for in the search engine in an organized and effective way.

These products are separated by name, price and store in which they are available. The information is delivered in carousel format, which makes everything very intuitive.

Google Shopping ads

How to advertise on Google Shopping?

Entering the products of your store in Google Shopping is very simple!

It takes three steps and then you’ll be using the most recommended form of ads for e-commerces: do we use Google Shopping for our customers and guess what?

On average, Google Shopping ads generate 4x more conversions at a much lower cost than other ads on the display and search network.

Step by step to advertise on Google Shopping:

1) Configuring your XML file

The first thing you need to have on hand to start advertising is an XML file containing all the products in your store, with price, name, category and quantity.

If you use an ecommerce platform, congratulations! Most of them offer the ready XML file for Google Shopping.

2) Signing up for Google Merchant Center

With your store’s XML file in hand, simply go to the next step: Register with Google Merchant Center.

After entering all the information to use GMC, just click on “products”, then “feeds” and upload your XML file. Do not forget to set the destination country and other options when uploading your feed.

3) Integrating Google Merchant Center with your AdWords account

Now that your feed is in Google Merchant Center, your AdWords account needs to see you in order to create campaigns with your products.

To do this, go to your Google Merchant Center account, from the drop-down menu for the three-point icon, click “Linking Accounts,” and select “Google AdWords.”

Just enter your AdWords account ID, click “add” and you’re done!

Just go to AdWords and create a new Google Shopping campaign.