Mass Text Messaging (SMS) is a heavily successful form of advertising. It connects with the intended audience by directly reaching their cellular device, and in turn, has a better chance of being interacted with. But, if the message is not built to be responded to, then nobody’s going to pay attention. Need some help maneuvering the world of mass text messaging? Check out the ten ways below to improve the mass text messaging strategy of your business.

Smiling woman reading text messages over dinner in a bistro

  1. Keep it Short, Simple – Think of that 160 character limit as a blessing in disguise. It forces you to be creative with your message while being as direct as possible.
  2. Less Is Definitely More – Don’t fill up the character limit if you don’t have to. The world doesn’t have the patience for filler. If it’s longer than it should be, then it’s more likely that the customer is just going to dismiss it.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help – Creative marketing with tight constraints is more difficult than you think. Consider hiring a copywriter to come up with these tidbits of the message, or at least invite someone with a background in writing to look over your texts.
  4. Keep it Fresh – Keep your texts unique and never say the same thing twice. Monotony is the quickest way to getting dismissed or deleted.
  5. Timing is Everything – When you send the text is almost as important as what you send. Think about your product, and when you believe they’d be most receptive to the text. Obviously, the middle of the night is off limits.
  6. Get Customized – Customizing your texts can help your audience feel more attached to your brand. Try to divide your customer pools based on their preferences and send out texts with various differences between them. Staying away from being generic keeps the reader interested.
  7. Be Tempting – Have deals to promote? This is the perfect way to use business text messaging. Put as much excitement into your text message as possible to influence a potential customer to interact.
  8. Don’t Spam – This is the quickest way to kill your brand. Don’t overload your customer’s phone with a ton of meaningless messages. Keep them coming around once a week. Always be clear, and make sure you get straight to the point.
  9. Stay Consistent – As you build a stable client base, stay consistent with your text messaging. Your customers look forward to your messages. Keep your brand in the forefront of their mind, and keep to your schedule.
  10. Ask for Feedback – As you gain loyal customers, invite them to give feedback to your business and your brand. Make them feel empowered, and give out incentives to spread the word to their family and friends.

Mass Text Messaging is extremely popular, but if it isn’t done right it has the power to kill your brand. Keep your message as clear, concise, and creative as possible. Don’t feel obligated to fill up the character count when you’ve already said what you’ve needed to say. If you hit a wall, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Effective marketing is a tough job, especially in 160 characters or less, but someone has to do it. Check out our website to learn more about automated phone system services for different industries.