Bug Industries is a card game, which is made for developers and IT Nerds. It’s specifically designed for people who code themselves into tears.  This game provides each player with an IT project assignment in which the player needs to find all hidden bugs. To ensure the project runs as smooth as butter, the player needs to eliminate all 64 bugs and the first one to accomplish this task takes the crown home. Even if you are not a Developer but you belong to Information Technology, don’t worry Bug Industries has something for you as well.

Your Arsenal

You will get 32 Bug cards with 32 code cards, all with two dice, four game board and chips. All of these things are packed with great care and considering this game is offline, it will be free of any bugs. this I a very simple game, even if there are four bugs left and you are the first one making it there, you have won the game.  You get to roll two dice, one is numbered and one is action. The numbered dice is named as the “Bug dice and the “action dice” shows you need to draw a bug card, this is the godfather, the stag beetle. However, action dice does give you some options such as roll the dice again, draw a bug card or draw a code card

What You Do?

On the game board, you will find the headquarters of Bug industries, just move your game chip up or down and depending on your ability to deduct or receive more bugs.

This game is designed by a small company, which fits against bugs in software. The idea was to make everyone realize what it is like to find and kill a bug, something that only a developer will understand, but with a fun approach.

website link: https://bug.industries/

bug-04-the-henchman bug-06-the-intern