If you just have started your online business in China and struggling to improve your online ranking, you’re at the right place here. We are up with a blog post featuring a SEO company that can really help you improve your online presence. SEO in China is quite different because you need to focus on Baidu instead of Google. Gentlemen Marketing Agency provides all inclusive SEO marketing services at a very reasonable you can’t resist.


We as a company have been struggling to find the Top Baidu SEO Company. We tried different agencies and companies claiming to give you the best results in quick turnaround but unfortunately they didn’t do exactly what they advertised. Our hunt to find the right SEO company wouldn’t have stopped if we weren’t reoffered to Gentlemen Marketing Agency by one of our business partners.

We found them very professional and they listened to our queries very carefully prior to suggesting us any solution. About in a week or two, things started showing results, which was quite amazing for us. Since then they are our favorite SEO agency in China who knows exactly how it’s done.

Here’s what they have to say about their services;

‘’Our agency was born from the passion of the SEO (Search Engine optimisation). Founded by Olivier VEROT (French) and Philip Qian (Chinese), we are the most dynamic SEO agency in China. We publish a lot of content to explain the last information about Chinese Search Engine. We aim to become the champions of our discipline. Our team of passionate experts continuously improves their knowledge and is focused on performance. We understand, feel, and guess algorithms of Chinese search engines, to achieve the goal of our customers!’’

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