The most popular flashlights of 2016 are military flashlights. Until this year military flashlights were forbidden for regular citizens but after the national security agency tested all of the military flashlights they were finally approved for public usage.

After long period of absence from the open market military flashlights have made a comeback on the open market but this time they are brighter than ever. Just this year 300 new military models were released on the market that claim to be military.

 Many people have the wrong opinion when it comes to military flashlights because they had a previous experience with some of the fake military flashlights. In order to keep people from having the wrong opinion for military flashlights in this article I will review the top 3 real military flashlights that fulfill all conditions that a military flashlight has.


The G700 military grade flashlight

Based on the performances on the market that this flashlight had, it is considered that this flashlight is the best of all military flashlights. The well-known flashlight company LumiTact announced the G700 military flashlight in January when they decided to drop their contract with the US army. With the attention that this flashlight got on the social media for just 4 short months LumiTact managed to sell more than 5 million units of the
G700 military grade flashlight.

One of the advantages that this flashlights has over all of the existing military flashlight on the market is in their upgraded hardware. All LED flashlights for transmitting the lumen power use a LED diode which because of its circular form isn’t able to transmit the entire lumen capacity of the flashlight. On the G700 the major update on the hardware was in the LED chips that because of their square body structure are able to transmit the entire lumen capacity of a flashlight.

X700 Tactical flashlight

Military equipment is known for its long lasting durability. Every military equipment can last 10 years more than a regular equipment. When it comes to flashlights the most durable military flashlight is the tactical X700. One of the key factors that makes this flashlight to be a military grade weapon is because of its 700 lumen power and also because of its long lasting durability. Made with aircraft aluminum which is 10X stronger than metal, this flashlight is very durable in harsh conditions and you can also easily use this flashlight under water.

X800 LED Flashlight

Maybe you have heard this flashlight under the name X800 Tactical Cree LED flashlight but don’t get confused it is the same flashlight. From the top 3 military flashlights the X800 is brighter than all of them with 1000 lumen power. Beside the fact that the X800 is the brightest military flashlight this flashlight is also known for its long lasting battery capacity. Armed with the latest hardware update like the G700 has the X800 tactical Cree LED flashlight can last up to 48 hours of constant work. Also within this flashlight you will get an adapted that allows you to recharge the batteries and it will also save you money on maintaining your flashlight.