How will the jobs in 10 years look like, how will they look like in 20 years?

Most people go to their jobs and spend their weekends in front of television never thinking about how obsolete their skills are becoming each day, until one day you find yourself out of job replaced by some third world country outsourcing center or worse yet – by a robotic program.


The most smart thing to do to avoid becoming obsolete is to be in demand.  First step to become in-demand candidate is to stay ahead of the curve.  To know what the future job landscape is going to look like before it arrives.

For instance, World Economic Forum expects about 20-30 professions completely wiped out of existence due to advances in Technology.

Yet, most of the people working in these professions have not started planning their next act.  You can be different.  Below are themes that are going to be in great demand, research them, get certified and be ahead of the curve.

Cybersecurity professionals:  Whether we live in robotics run world or not, cybersecurity will stay an evergreen profession for a foreseeable future.

Blockchain and Cryptographic:  can you audit the blockchain tech? can you verify cryptographic signatures?  Those are the kind of professions that will be in great demand (they already are) in the coming years.

Machine learning coders:  Can you make machines learn better?  If so, world is going to salute you in the coming years.

Robotic Process Automation:  Can you teach computer program to perform repeatable/mundane tasks without human intervention?  Well, that will be the norm in few years

Vocation:  Don’t forget that more people free up their time, more artistic they become and the more there will be demand for people who harness their natural talents.  What’s yours?

CryptoTapas is going to release a whole eBook on this topic shortly, its called STAYING RELEVANT, and it will be free for their subscribers.