The composite aluminum has gained a new space in the market of the sustainable constructions. With a long service life and energy-saving character, this material has become an alternative for those who want to opt for sustainable projects without giving up modern aesthetics.


In its structure, two aluminum sheets are mixed with a low density polyethylene core, a union that contemplates a series of characteristics of a more sustainable contemporary construction. The main feature of this new material is that it is fully recyclable, just like glass. In addition, it is easy to maintain, which prolongs the useful life of the construction and its commercial value.

The material brings benefits both for construction, as it is a product with good value, as for residents and administrators of the condominium, since its thermo-acoustic potential helps to protect the structure against bad weather and also assists in reduction of energy costs.

32In its application, it also has advantages, precisely because it does not stick to the facade. In this way, there is improved thermal comfort within the residential unit, which reduces the need for air conditioners and reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Pointing out that the material is part of a larger process; it also underscores the importance of the whole concept of ecological responsibility being respected during each stage of construction.


The colored aluminum coil supplier industrializes the product and enlarges its creations with other alternative materials; because each company needs to pay attention to what it offers, both for buyers and for the collective. Especially for construction companies, sustainability is very important, or at least, it should be. It is important to care about everyone involved, from the environment to the individual, for this. The solar energy sensitivity and absorption system is associated with the plates, increasing the sustainable options for construction a little more.