Although there may be a lot of methods to hack Facebook, through there involves different elements in the traditional WiFi or LAN connection commonly used for this type of social network hacking. On this occasion we will give details about most effective methods to do facebook hack.


Keylogger program

It is a program that captures everything the person does in his server in certain degrees, we can know from the actions of his keyboard to his incoming and outgoing PSN connections. What you should do with this program is install it yourself on the individual’s cell phone or computer and that way the program will send you the information of what that person does.

Spyadvice is the best example of such apps. Learn more hacking facebook at Spyadvice. Once it starts working then you can know many more information about suspect’s phone or computer. Get this program from


Another method to hack facebook account is to do backtrack. This method was created in order to perform security audits and have a more ethical purpose. But hackers use it to filter into networks or computers, their applications are good and powerful as always with this software you will find a back door to the web.

Its mode of use is as follows: Once the website is ready to be used, the IP of the victim must be placed and the web cloned of Facebook shown, this is how the victim will place his data believing that he is logging in normally when it is actually being hacked.

When the victim has already entered all their data, the Backtrack will capture everything and it will be showing it to the hacker. This technique is very simple and effective since the victim will never realize that his account is being violated.