Free Computer Literacy Programme

NIGUSIT, a US – IT Network in partnership with The Wheat Crib Empowerment Initiative, a Lagos-based NGO, has launched a transformative Free Computer Literacy Programme for primary school children in Oshodi, Lagos State.

The group says the programme aimed at providing practical computer skills to 50 children aged 6-10 from six local schools in Oshodi for six weeks. 

The initiative’s primary goal is to bridge the digital divide by offering essential computer skills to children and promoting technological inclusion.

NIGUSIT is a non-profit organization based in the United States, established in 2019 and founded by Dr. Micheal Oriade. The organization’s vision is to provide access to affordable IT education and to become Nigeria’s IT resource base, among other goals. 

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The programme includes a Train the Trainers initiative where selected teachers from the participating schools will be trained on the practical use of computers. 

The Wheat Crib Empowerment Initiative and NIGUSIT have established a dedicated computer lab in Oshodi for the 6-week computer literacy programme, targeting primary school children and equipping them with vital digital skills for the future. The children will learn various skills, including an introduction to computers, internet safety, basic word processing, introduction to presentations, and collaborative learning.

Mr. James Oche, the former interim President of NIGUSIT, said, “We believe that access to technology is a fundamental right, and through this partnership with The Wheat Crib, we are taking a concrete step towards democratizing digital literacy.”

The newly elected President of the Board of Governors of NIGUSIT, Dr. Isi Idemudia, said, “NIGUSIT is committed to fostering innovation and creating pathways for the leaders of tomorrow.”

Also speaking, the newly elected Vice President of the Board of Governors of NIGUSIT, Prof. Adiebonye Jumbo, said education plays a vital role in grooming future generations of leaders. According to him, “NIGUSIT is dedicated to closing the technological divide.”

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On her part, Mrs. Sophie Oladeji, ex-assistant secretary of the Board of Governors and special coordinator of the programme, said, “We are thrilled to witness the launch of this impactful programmes. By combining resources and expertise, NIGUSIT and The Wheat Crib are sowing the seeds of knowledge in Oshodi. Our collective vision is to see these children not only using computers but also becoming creators and innovators.”

The founder of the Wheat Crib Empowerment Initiative, Mr. Adeniyi Giwa, said that the collaboration between the two organizations is designed to bridge the global digital gap and accelerate learning, development, and innovation for Nigerian children.

This collaborative effort between NIGUSIT and The Wheat Crib Empowerment Initiative addresses the critical need for computer literacy among primary school children, contributing to the broader goal of national development in Nigeria and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 9. By providing practical skills and knowledge, this programme will transform lives and create a ripple effect of positive change in communities across Nigeria.

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