Being an emerging violin player in the city is difficult. You are prone to making a few mistakes and if spotted, those mistakes will be highlighted and booed upon. Even more difficult is finding fans. Perhaps a wealthy star could book concerts and go on tours, but not me. I had to pay my dues, even if it meant playing for free outside a restaurant because they would not let an amateur like me play inside; playing on the streets; and finding odd jobs to raise money to make it big. It is ironic that good singers get picked almost instantly by talent hunters and agents, but good music players, not so much. Even at concerts, people are always so focused on the singer. No one really cares about the music players behind him, except perhaps the bass players.


Anyway, after raising some money, I decided to advertise myself so that people would hire me for playing at events, weddings, et cetera. I was confident that once people heard how great I was, word would get around and I would get famous. But I did not have that much money and I was not sure how exactly to advertise myself. Newspapers? Bill boards? TV spots? I did not exactly have money for those. And then it hit me: flyers! They are great, you get bulk rate plus every potential fan gets his own copy!

So a friend of mine who happens to be a handy man recommended this website, 55prints. It is an amazing printing service, they have everything you could think of. You could design one yourself and have it printed, or you could use their design software to design one! It is super easy and really user friendly. They even have lots and lots of templates. 55prints is really flexible about the number of copies you want, paper quality and design so you can choose everything yourself and get exactly what you want. The service is also brilliant, I got my copies delivered the very next day! And I was able to do it in my assigned budget since it is so cost effective and 55prints has the best rates. Overall I would say it is brilliant!