Ellucian Banner is the Enterprise Resource Planning software developed and promoted by Sungard Higher Education, which is now recognized as Ellucian. The software assists universities and colleges in maintaining and recording data for their employees, students, donors, and alumni. 

Everything You Need to Know About Ellucian Banner and Ellucian Migration to Cloud

Banner also serves as the payroll and benefits system for faculty, as well as student employees. The Ellucian Advancement product also assists the University in relating to donors and alumni. The information stored in Banner is the main source of data/information that feeds several other systems like the online directory. There’re some online systems out there that access the software data directly, with BearWeb being the most common example of this.

According to information provided by Ellucian’s official website, over 1,400 institutions all over the world use Banner software to manage staff payrolls, student grades, admissions, student financial aid, course schedules, among other tasks.

Ellucian Banner Migration to Cloud

Many institutions are thinking about Ellucian Migration to the cloud. This is because it will bring them many benefits. According to the director of Information Security and Special Initiatives (ISSI) at Duquesne University, institutions looking to shift to cloud technology fall within three categories. 

In the first category, institutions start thinking about migrating to cloud technology. They know that cloud technology is out there but aren’t sure of how it can benefit them or how to get started with it. The second category is cloud experimentation, where institutions start to focus on one service just to get their feet wet. The third category is the opportunistic cloud, where intuitions make the final decision to go with cloud technology.

If you, too, are thinking about Ellucian migration to cloud, see which category you fall under. If you have anything to say about the Ellucian banner or its migration to cloud technology, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.