Google_logoTo help you protect your data on Google Cloud SQL databases, Google Cloud backup is excellent service. ZCB (Zmanda Cloud Backup) is an excellent online software enabling users to back up their data to cloud storage. It uses Google Cloud Storage service while supports private cloud solutions as well. It is excellent backup solution for all Windows, OS X, Linux and Solaris.

How It Is Beneficial?

You can manage backups of hundreds of systems from just a single console. Best part is you won’t need to be worried anymore once you will hire this service as dedicated team of professionals is dedicated to back up applications and databases.

You might be thinking about data security if you are thinking about taking advantage of this software. Good news for you is if you are turning to it, you are going to ensure your data is in safer hands. The reason is it is fully secure with built-in encryption. If you want to enjoy flexibility of taking comprehensive backups of files, databases and live applications, it is the most perfect option to move with. It will allow you to take direct backup to cloud or let you enjoy Hybrid Backup option.

It is easier to schedule your backups for Google Cloud SQL databases after configuring backup windows for your instances. Your data backups will be securely stored and it will be easier for you to restore them whenever you need. Not only this, you are allowed to view backup history in Google cloud console. In case, backup is enabled, Google cloud retains and stores 7 backups of your instance without charge. Console of the cloud doesn’t show skipped or failed backups in backup history.