Microsoft Excel is a great spreadsheet tool to store data and perform formatting, calculations, and analyses. However, Excel is not a database. If you are using Excel as a database, you are not alone. Many people use Excel to store data as if it were a database. And there is nothing wrong with it as far as the size of your Excel file is small and you do not want some advanced functionality, integrating it with your website for example.


However, as you data grow along with the required functionality, Excel files become cumbersome to handle, and you do not get the required functionality as well. When this happens, it is the time to move to SQL – a robust database that can cater to all imaginable needs expected from a modern database. But what about the data you have spent months or even years to store in Excel?

Fortunately, not all your hard work is lost. There are tools available to convert the data stored in Excel or comma separated files into SQL. One of these tools is Convert2SQL. This useful web-based tool can convert your Excel and comma separated data files into MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.


To use this tool, go to and register for an account. The registration process is hassle-free and you will be up and running in minutes. The process consists of five stages. Don’t worry, though; you do not need to anything but upload your data file. All the other steps are done by the Convert2SQL tool. The tool analyzes your data file, converts it to your required database, delivers the required files to you and notifies you about the results.

This tool is very precise and the results are outstanding. It frees you from all the technical worries so that you keep your focus on your other important tasks. And Convert2SQL is very conscious about your privacy as well. They store your files for a very short time, and then delete all the data from the servers.