The accounting, as a social science, has the purpose of promoting information and control media in order to collect all data that occurs in a company and which has, or may have, impacts and causes variations in its equity position. Accounting is the instrument of mediation and evaluation of the equity and the results obtained by the entity. The accountant must be aware of the latest accounting software guide, technological innovations, incorporating them not only in the basic accounting procedures, but also in situations that require a more accurate and complex accounting analysis. Improving the quality standard of its services has become an imposition for accountants. Informatics, in terms of development, has emerged, bringing great advances to society in general.


The Importance of Information

Information technology provides the accounting with many facilities, ranging from the launch and processing of information to the generation of reports that can be produced by the system. In the modern world, companies are realizing the need to be more and more open regarding the use of information.

The information system is of paramount importance for accounting science. Accountants work with information and they should have as their main characteristics, speed and security, given that in addition to the world being dynamic, which required to take decisions at every moment by organizations, as well as people, so they need to be informed in real time. Companies that have adopted computerized accounting have had good results and are increasingly seeking to improve this process.

Look at some advantages of accounting computerized:

  • Increased productivity;
  • Improvement of the quality of services;
  • More stimulation for professionals in the area;
  • Facility for previous reading of reports;
  • Easy access to company information;
  • Improved information security.

These are some of the positive aspects that justify the use of computers by companies, both in accounting and in other areas, always taking into account operational and organizational needs. Companies need, in addition to a good information system, a better organization and structuring of their processes and their activities must be carried out efficiently.

Final considerations

It can be concluded that, at present, computerization is fundamental in all segments of society, it is no longer accepted that accounting is done manually, which was eliminated by the effects of the technology that invaded the accounting area.
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