Salesforce is one of the top rated CRM products in the world and there are many strategic reasons why you should consider adopting the Salesforce platform. The driving reasons for its adoption are effective and consistent customer management processes, increased visibility across the teams and scaling your business management model to meet the market expectations. But the most important underlying issue you need to focus when dealing with Salesforce is the Salesforce data management. Since there are huge amounts of data involved in Salesforce processes you should have a proper visibility of the data management tools and areas used in Salesforce. If you are a data administrator in Salesforce or managing the instance you should get your team focused on data management processes and strategies to manage the Salesforce data effectively.

When you work on Salesforce you are handling a good amount of data over time and the proper management of the data quality is important. Here are some of the major areas in Salesforce which need to be focused for effective Salesforce data management.

Important areas for Salesforce data management

Record IDs- Every record in should be associated with a unique ID. This is required when you perform Salesforce data management.

Data Recovery- The other important thing to be known when managing data in Salesforce is that deleted records are always stored in Salesforce Recycle bin for 15 days, So if you accidently deleted the

Import Wizard- the Import Wizard in Salesforce is a great tool for importing up to 50000 records for leads, contacts, solutions and custom object records per job.

Data loader- It is used when you want to make large uploads via Salesforce API.

Upsert- This function helps you in maintaining the relationships of external ID of records when you perform upload to Salesforce.

Rules for validations- You can apply validation rules if you want to prevent a record from saving without the proper format.

Maintaining data quality- This is an area where you need a focus on. This is an art in which you need to understand your data and poor data should be prevented from entering the system while bad data is cleaned.

Exporting data- Salesforce allows you to save your data once every week and thus you can save all the instances of data every week. this is a service offered by Salesforce at an extra cost through which you can get help in finding new leads and you can clean existing lead and contact data.

Thus having the knowledge of these key areas of Salesforce data management is very important and by taking proper steps in maintaining a quality of data in all the different areas of data management, business decisions can be taken more wisely and the data becomes more usable