About Dot Peen Technology

By using a vibrating tool the depressions are created in the material on the basis of the principal of the dot peen technology. It produces two types of the marking.


  • Permanent marking

The material is pushed back without burning. No shavings are created, implying that the parts weigh the very same both prior and then afterward checking.

  • Direct marking

The incredible benefit of the Dot peen technology solutions is that it does not produce the breakage points in the material even it is hard.

Benefits of using the Dot Peen Technology

  • Independent

Any computer or related device is not required for creating the files or for controlling the machines

  • Efficient

There is no doubt about the efficiency of the devices. Offering the high functionality due to the modified configuration. Doing the marking clearly and quickly.

  • Productivity

It is the best for offering the twice, marking speed as compared to the other devices. Raising the worth of the business if you are using this for your company it delivers the extreme production for you.

  • Easy to use

The main feature of the device is that it is the wonderful due to simple adjustment. It is very easy to use and containing the simple configuration.

  • Multipurpose

It can do marking for all types of surfaces and shapes due to the 3D stylus.

  • Economical

Executing the result of very high class in very competitive prices these devices are highly wonderful for raising the worth of your business.

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