Are you on the lookout for the latest 3D printing technology? Struggling with your 3D printing issues? Workhorse 3D Printer is the latest, high-end 3D printer designed with modern day needs in mind to deliver optimum results. It has been developed and released by 3D Distributed, the top leading tech company in Houston, specializing in 3D Printers and Extrusion Systems.


The company has been providing quality 3D printing solutions for quite a long time. They are recognized for their quality and efficient 3D products and components. The team at 3D Distributed is very committed to offer you top of the range 3D products at a very reasonable price.  

Here’s what they say about their latest 3D product:

“The Workhorse Printer is an open-source 3D unique printer that uses lead screw driven motion to enable a range of applications. Since most 3D printers use belt-driven motion between the x and y-axis to increase speed, they subsequently lose quality when more weight is applied. Our Workhorse solution has a high helix pitch with multiple threads to enable increased speeds that also safeguard quality.”

Unlike other 3D printers, Workhorse 3D Printer employs lead screw driven motion to produce quality results with quick turnaround. It uses a high helix pitch in conjunction with multiple treads to increase the printing speed while ensuring the quality. It’s an ideal choice for those struggling with their 3D printing issues. Its C-Carriage design is the best solution for lead screw-driven motion using linear rails and 20×20 and 20×40 aluminum extrusions. It’s a complete package from all aspects.

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