Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is increasingly being adopted by many businesses as a standard for managing their networks. This mostly has to do with how reliable and secure the technology is compared to other similar options. And if you are thinking of implementing SD-WAN in your business network but are not sure exactly how it will benefit you, then the advantages mentioned below should help you arrive at a decision.

SD-WAN Will Benefit Your Business


The first consideration is obviously the price of implementing and maintaining SD-WAN. And on this front, you only stand to benefit. MPLS connections which are carrier grade usually come with very expensive contracts and a pretty long provisioning time. In contrast, internet links through SD-WAN are comparatively cheaper. In addition, you will also not have to maintain any backup lines like you had to with MPLS connection. You can utilize all available connections through SD-WAN.


When using the SD-WAN technology, you are essentially utilizing the internet to form very high performing connections. This essentially does away with the backhaul penalties that are normally charged by MPLS networks. This allows the businesses to perfectly optimize its cloud services and SaaS applications. And if your company is involved in the IoT field, then SD-WAN allows you to provide secure and inexpensive links for the project. Automation of branch offices will also become easier to implement.


As far as security is concerned, SD-WAN does offer a superior protection when compared to MPLS networks. For one, SD-WAN offers the administrators a constant look at the traffic on the network. This allows the IT team to detect any third party attacks far quicker than normal. Plus, it encrypts the WAN traffic and segments the network as the traffic shifts from one location to another. And because of this segmentation, even if a breach were to occur, the damage will be minimized to a good extent.


One big benefit of SD-WAN is that it can effortlessly combine multiple WAN connections and provide increased bandwidth. You also have the full freedom to add or remove any WAN connections as you like, no matter whether it is a fixed line connection or a cellular network. You can also deploy WAN services to any location you want with minimal IT personnel. Even if your business has multiple offices in the various geographical locations, SD-WAN will help you connect them all at in a much cheaper and quicker way than traditional WAN connecting. Plus, you will also be free from the bandwidth restrictions that usually come with WAN networks.

And if you plan to implement SD-WAN network in your business, then remember to ensure that it can be integrated with the current MPLS networks in the organization. You should also check as to how implementing SD-WAN network will make your business perform better. Plus, also make sure that the SD-WAN network has enough intelligence that the network bandwidth is adjusted as required as per the conditions of the network.