news.wireflyYet, there isn’t any official announcement of 14 inch SlateBook of hp that is almost ready to hit market. Exciting features and stunning outlook of it, makes this Android laptop a must-to-have gadget. Apps, you’ve already purchased or downloaded on your smartphone or table will definitely work on this SlateBook as it has full access to Google Play. This innovative gadget is intended to boost Android’s productivity with the display of 14 inch 1080p display and full-size keyboard. Expectations regarding this near-to-come gadget are extremely high and it is expected that it will be giving the ever best experience to the Android fans.

Apart from the list of its exciting features, an interesting thing is it is loaded with Beats technology that enables it to pump out loud, influential and likely bass-heavy auditory. It is having built-in RAM of 2GB along with 16GB of internal storage. At the first look, it looks like a huge Android tablet embedded with full-fledge keyboard to enhance users’ typing experience. As compared to regular tabs, hp android tablet is ready to give users a better typing experience. Attached keyboard is really something you need to do your office work as quickly as you want it to get done.

There are many sites focused on laptops and they recommend you laptops of specific price ranges, for example, under $400 laptops etc. but when it comes to this innovative SlateBook, it may attract some people. With sleek design and unique appearance, this hottest hp gadget is certainly worth buying. On hp’s website, there is a lot more for the users eager to know what hp is bringing new for them. This android laptop has also been briefly appeared on hp’s website, although, there isn’t any official announcement for this gadget.