There are 5 guaranteed tips to get free YouTube subscribers. It is no secret that YouTube is a huge medium with unlimited possibilities.

But there is one problem. It’s a very popular place. This of course would not be a problem, but we must take into account the density of the recorded content. According to statistics, YouTube is getting 100 hours of recorded video every minute!


  1. Write a super-long captions for videos

Most people think that writing video captions is for fans. That is not true; the most important is to persuade YouTube and Google! YouTube can not watch or listen to your video.

Ultimately, this means that the more you type text into the label, the more information you give them. Just do not submit enough information that YouTube is not included on the high walls.

  1. Optimization of “video keyword”

When using the right keywords, you can appear on a search engine. Surely you know that if you are looking for some information on Google, you will run out video results from YouTube. For example, if you enter “How to set Fraps”, we get the related results.

  1. Earn views through online communities

Online communities such as LinkedIn, Quora, discussion forums and Facebook groups are fantastic places to pick up the best numbers with videos. The thing is that most websites do not like when someone share the links. But be careful when it comes to YouTube videos usually respond positively.

  1. Remind people that there is a button “I like it”

Since YouTube does not use its algorithm get people back to your videos, it depends more on your videos. If people will come back and will be happy to watch your video, you can climb up to the highest rungs ladder.

  1. Create playlists rich in keywords

Everyone likes an order in to what you’re watching. Create playlists for your audience. This way of creating order will help you to bigger audience and get free YouTube subscribers.

  1. Free YouTube promotion services

One easy solution to get free YouTube subscribers is channel promotion service such as SubMeNow. It is simple and totally free to get 10 to 20 subscribers daily.