Teleconferencing and videoconferencing are excellent ways to make conference calls, but it is important to know the difference when choosing.

You’re likely to think that teleconferencing and videoconferencing are pretty much the same thing. And it’s not like that. These technologies facilitate corporate communication, but they work in different ways.

If you look closely, “tele” refers to the phone in general and not to video. Then you can already understand a first sign to differentiate teleconferencing and videoconferencing. But in this article you will thoroughly understand the differences and similarities.


What is teleconference?

Nothing more productive than a handset, and this includes smartphones, to attend an audio conference. It allows domestic and international phone calls to several people at a time.

What is videoconferencing?

Of course, choosing videoconferencing is to participate in a video call. The eztalks video conferencing service allows online meetings with high definition audio and video and participants can chat while they see themselves on the Webcam.

There are several group video chat apps for Android and IOS, such as smartphones and tablets. And nothing prevents you from using the company’s physical videoconferencing room to connect teams, directors, and customers with the videoconferencing service.

Teleconference and videoconference interaction

So far, you’ve understood the main differences between teleconferencing and videoconferencing, right?

Now, it is important to highlight how the interaction in each service is, if this is a detail to consider in the type of corporate meeting that you perform.

Teleconference: Participants cannot see each other; just listen, so there is no kind of visual interaction. It is impossible to see expressions and body language.

Videoconference: Everything is based on the visual, everyone can see and talk. The experience even brings the participants closer together, without losing the formality of corporate meetings.

Is there screen sharing on teleconferencing and video conferencing?

Individual screen sharing is only available in videoconferencing via best group video chat app. If this feature is important to you, you already know that you will not be able to count on it in a conference call.

Via videoconferencing, you can share visual information, see each participant’s reaction, and gain a higher level of interaction.