Spytector is definitely the most easy and fastest way to record keyboard inputs. It’s an excellent and reliable software to control everything that happens on your computer. It is highly recommended security software which offers best protection when you are away. The best quality of the software is its discrete working feature, it remains invisible in Windows tools and lets you monitor everything. Its powerful algorithm can record everything that’s typed irrespective of the software or application you are using. The best thing is that it’s undetected by all the antivirus programs. When scanned the full version is not visible and provides highly effective protection.


This is the best software and definitely the most handy and reliable when it comes to employee monitoring. Employee monitoring is a very sensitive topic and it is without any doubt the necessity of today’s office environment. Due to increase in cyber loafing and lawsuits there is a great need for employee monitoring. Employee are the base of company’s progress and a big part of the companies name and reputation. You need to protect the integrity of the company and all employees. That is where spytector helps, it gives you the advantage of constant employee monitoring and its discrete algorithm to monitor everything protects the ethical implication of Employee monitoring and there claim to have privacy. Spytector is designed keeping in mind the ethical standards of employee monitoring giving you the advantage to monitor everything without any hustle and disturbance. Spytector values your time and money. A great deal of time is wasted in offices on social media websites and other application. Spytector keeps your employee monitoring in check and make sure that your employees are investing their time in the right direction which helps your company grow its profit and working capacity.
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