Do you know what paraphrasing is? It may not be, but it has often used this feature for textual recreation. This is what we do when rewriting a text with our words, but we keep the original meaning.

To elaborate a good paraphrase, it is necessary to read the text well and identify some important aspects and we do this in two moments of reading: inspection reading, in order to search for the main data of the text (author, subject, theme) and attentive reading, whose objective is to raise the references of the read text (textual genre, discursive modality, most important information).

Paraphrasing - Writing the Same Thing in a Different Way

Note the double sentences below:

The both texts deal with the same subject. We can consider the two sentences as a paraphrase, not because the words are synonymous or because the construction of the sentence is similar, but because they aim to inform the same thing. The information provided by the text can presented in another way.

Does a paraphrasing program really work?

Undoubtedly, the number of people in need is very large and it is difficult to rewrite a text or paraphrase it. However, this is not a difficult task, but it does take practice.

It is certainly not simple to get a text and be able to perform the miracle of the modification right away. What these many people do not know, is that there are paraphraser programs that help in this task.

With them, you get help searching for synonyms and forming new phrases. Thus, the mission of writing becomes somewhat simpler and simpler. So, don’t waste any more time and start your text production right now.

What many people still don’t know is that there is a program to paraphrase text. In fact, there is not only one, but several available on the internet.