Technology continues to evolve and expand, and recently we’ve been impressed with the immense growth and focus on harnessing tech for pretty much any industry. Yet professionals like Matthew Knoot suggest that tech is just getting started and it will have a pivotal role in our society for years to come. Which makes us wonder, what kind of technologies will we focus on in the future and how will these influence our growth and expansion? Let’s find out.

Matthew Knoot

Virtual and augmented reality

With more and more companies focused on creating their own metaverse, we think that VR and AR will have a major influence in that. These technologies will help us interact with the metaverse and bring it into our own lives. On top of that, AR and VR are very useful for training and they are great in the medical field too. So we can only expect their importance to improve in the years to come.

Blockchain tech

We are slowly heading towards a world where we will have only virtual currencies and the blockchain will make it easier to prevent scams and also protect our information and finances. Technologies like smart contracts and NFTs are dependent on the blockchain, and they can very well be the future of our society.

Quantum computing

Next-gen computing like neuromorphic chips and quantum computing are already being used and we can only expect them to grow and reach their true potential in the long term. It’s a clear example of how much power new tech will require in the long term, but it will have a positive impact on our society.

Distributed infrastructure

Edge and cloud computing helps us protect data and also access it from anywhere. This will become even more important in the years to come, since not everyone wants to carry hard drives or data storage solutions with them. The benefit of accessing such a thing from anywhere is truly incredible and it can bring in outstanding results.

Next level process automation

It’s possible that our future will require a doubling-down on robotics and industrial IoT. These technologies are already being used in many fields, and we expect other tech like RPA and cobots to continue being implemented for a very long time.

Applied AI

Is it possible for applied AI to make a difference? Absolutely, using AI will become incredibly important in the long term, and things like speech technology, natural language processing and computer vision are bound to take complete advantage of that.

Aside from these technologies, we can also expect other things like bio-revolution, next generation nanomaterials and graphene, among others. Technology might also focus on protecting our planet, so carbon neutral energy generation, battery storage, smart metering and distribution as well as nuclear fusion might very well contribute to a cleaner future. Using all these amazing technologies can make a huge difference, and it can bring in front a lot of great potential. It all comes down to how we implement and start using these incredible technologies, as they have the potential to expand and grow our society in amazing ways!