Having trouble getting enough revenue online or looking for ways to convert your visitors into sales? Click Connect can do wonders to improve your online sales. With Click Connect, you can add a call or text widget or button to your website to convert leads into sales, ultimately doubling and tripling your sales.

Click Connect

All you need is to add a line of code to your website’s footer. It’s super easy as anyone with little tech knowledge can easily comprehend how to add it.  Its simple yet attractive design adds real charm to your website.

Here’s how it works:

‘’Once a website visitor clicks on the button they simply put in their phone number and choose to get a call or SMS now or at a later time during your business hours. They are then connected directly with your agents. You’ll get a missed lead notification via SMS and email for all missed leads.’’

If you’re struggling with your online revenue and want to capture more leads from your online business or website, Click Connect is the best thing you can do to your website to improve your sales to a  great extent.

Whether you’re a novice or an established business wanting to boost your sales, you should give Click Connect a try to start seeing big sales. The key features of Click Connect include but are not limited to: Simple Setup, Elegant Design, In-Built CRM, Easy Install, Multiple Agent Support and more.

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