Want to know about cloud storage and how does it work? In fact, there is nothing complicated in its operation, everything is very simple, easy and practical. If you know how to save, edit, and access a file on your computer, you’ll also know how to do the same things in files stored in the cloud, with the added advantage that they are not taking up space on your machine, you can easily share with others, among other features.


And cloud storage works for both your work and your personal life. Do you know the millions of photos you take, gathering more and more every day, and that accumulate on cell phones and digital cameras? Sometimes you even download some photos from your phone and only download the ones from the digital camera when it’s full. But they take up huge space on your PC. How about sending it all to the cloud, organizing it in albums, with dates and comments, and being able to see your memories whenever you want and where you are? Use the cloud!

And the same applies to your work files, such as spreadsheets, text documents, slide show files and many others!

And how do you access those files, now so far? You use the internet, enter a login and a security password to connect to your account (same when you enter facebook or other social media) and access your files on these distant machines very quickly!

And you can rest easy! To ensure the security of your files, most companies that offer these services save their data in duplicate, that is, the files are saved more than once and often on different servers. So if one of them is not working, it will automatically find the file for you on the other server, without you even noticing it.

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