Productive SMB Apps

Dream big and settle for no less is an extremely inspiring idea. However, what this proverb fails to include is a fact that even the greatest businesses have to start somewhere. There is no shame in starting small, on contrary the humbler the origin the greater the accomplishment. Still, a future conglomerate is not going to build itself and on this solitary road you need all the help you can get. Some of this help can be found in various applications. Here are some of the most productive apps, developed to help small business succeed way out of their league.

  1. Productivity Apps

When it comes to enhancing productivity by upgrading the internal structure of your business, there are several apps that can make this a lot easier. Asana or Basecamp are your two safest bets to improve internal, email-less, communication. Keeping your entire team on the same page is always paramount in order to succeed and it is often something on what your business heavily depends. You can also resort to using some of the less known coordination solutions like Jira or Slack, whatever you see more fitting. Simply do your homework and take a look at some of the software reviews regarding these apps.

  1. Transport apps

Fat chances are that even with all the virtual-communication-reliant marketing you will simply have to move around a lot. This is why a good transport app can be of an invaluable assistance. A small business or startup cannot afford to have drivers on a payroll and especially to think about investing in vehicles. Simply use Uber app to get to the desired destination or even Car2Go, if you plan on renting the vehicle. Although this doesn’t seem as a permanent solution, it is definitely one that will satisfy your startup’s needs for the time being.

  1. Social network apps

One of the most business-friendly perks of the 21st century is the existence of social media. This allows you not only to be in touch with other people in your line of work, like LinkedIn does, but also to promote your business in an extremely cost-effective manner. A top notch marketing campaign can be extremely expensive however you can always resort to building your online presence through social networks, blogs and websites. Being resourceful is all about working with what you have, not with what you might have had in ideal circumstances.

  1. Mobile payment apps

Now speaking about unsaturated application niche, quality mobile payment apps are few but are more than necessary. Going with Apple Pay, is a smart distribution of your resources since this incredible application is integrated with Visa, MasterCard and Amex. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how being able to pay with your phone will benefit your startup.

  1. Entertainment apps

Even though at first, one might wonder what entertainment has to do with business, the answer is quite simple. Seeing how you are quite likely to encounter long queues, waiting room and travels to distant places in your line of work it is always handy to have HBO Go or Chromecast at your side. This will make long dull hours simply melt away.

In the end, there is no job in the world which cannot be made significantly easier with the right tools on your side. Using adequate apps will make you more productive and your business significantly more lucrative. What more can you ask for from such small and seemingly insignificant virtual tools.