Advertising on YouTube is a popular practice mainly because the medium is free. The requirements for posting video content are also not very stringent. It is acceptable to create, post, and share amateur videos made with a handheld camera or smartphone. YouTube offers useful tools to account holders—another feature that makes the site one of the top video sharing sites in the world today. Editing software is available to users at no extra expense. While most are of amateur make, some of the advertisements in YouTube are professionally rendered. Business owners are now contemplating the value of availing professional services since YouTube is already recognized as a legitimate advertising platform. Video files uploaded in YouTube provide viewers not only with a means to share the video, but also with a link to the company website.

Here are few interesting facts about YouTube advertising from marketing guru from rebeldes marketing online Edward Azorbo that you may not yet know about. If you want to get ahead of your competitors, learn a few essential lessons about YouTube advertising, and how beneficial the approach can be for your business venture.

 Video content for people on the move

 Current marketing strategies must always include video sharing sites such as YouTube. Here are a few reasons. Most of the people with the capacity to pay for products and services are working individuals. Some of them engage their mobile devices to look for products and services while they are on the go. As such, they are partial to content that does not require reading large volumes of text. Video presentations, such as the ones offered in YouTube and optimized for handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, are popular to online shoppers that commute and travel a lot. Even those who are not on the move prefer informative video ads these days, especially material that offer an interesting and unique perspective that spark up the viewer’s daily routine.

 Key benefits of YouTube advertising

 Any business that chooses to advertise on YouTube can expect plenty of benefits. First, the reach is unbelievably wide. In fact, uploaded YouTube videos are available to an audience that spans the globe. Indeed, the world is populated by people who willingly watch uploaded videos whenever they can find time. One recent report states that each month, the total video viewing duration is six billion hours. Nevertheless, the results of targeting analysis must still be implemented to streamline the campaign, and ensure that people who are interested in the message are the ones that gain access to the video presentation.

Evidently, the Google search engine favors video content. Recent surveys reveal that pages containing video presentations are more likely to end up on page one of Google search engine results listings. In fact, a 2012 report from Marketing Week reiterated that 70% of the top 100 listings on Google contain video files on the landing page. The popularity of sites that feature video content can also be attributed to the habit of browsers to share videos that they believe contain useful or interesting information.