Paying attention to the necessary documentation, correct kilometer package and withdrawal checklist is essential for the consumer.

Leasing a vehicle and having no headaches may not be as trivial as it sounds. The leasing companies have different collection policies and, in cases of intensive use, the driver can hardly know exactly how much money he will have to pay for the service. To avoid these and other troubles, see below three tips that can avoid the most common hiring problems of a leased vehicle:



The basic requirement required by the leasing companies is that the customer is at least 21 years old and has been in service for more than two years. It is also necessary to present a credit card in the name of the lease with limit available, explains the commercial and marketing director of Zooomr, a car leasing company.


One of the points of greatest friction between the companies and the drivers concerns the mileage plans, the protection and the time limit for the return of the vehicle. You must be aware of the conditions offered. Acquiring the ideal product for your need, even more expensive, outweighs that pay the additional provided in the contract.

“These are complicated issues because each leasing company has its business model and is not always clear to the customer,” he says.


Finally, there is the vehicle evaluation procedure at the time of withdrawal and return. The tip is simple: watch absolutely everything. If the imperfections do not bother or impair the performance of the vehicle, make sure the attendant has reported the damage on your recall checklist.

“Acting in this way avoids a discomfort at the moment of evolution, when a new checklist of the conditions of the vehicle is made. The leasing company has the right to charge when the customer breaks the car, but the customer can not admit that he is charged for something that was not his own, “he says.