API testing is an important type of testing. This testing is done to verify the functioning of applications and Application Programming Interfaces. These are often regarded as APIs. API testing ensures the performance, reliability, security, and functionality of an application. API Tester does the API testing.


You might be interested in knowing some advantages of API testing. Some of the most prominent advantages of API Testing are as follows.

  1. The first and the most prominent benefit of API Testing is that it gives access to the application without a user interface. The users do not have to interact with the system in the presence of API testing.
  2. API testing is quite beneficial as it is done to check the functionality of an application. It helps in the code-level testing of the functionality of an application that provides an early evaluation of the strength of an application. API testing marks small errors that can become huge problems in GUI testing. Core access enables the testing in tandem with better collaboration, fostering communication and development between both teams. This is beneficial when you are performing API testing with a great QA team.
  3. API testing is time efficient as compared to GUI testing. This consumes less time and is more functional as compared to GUI testing. In GUI testing, you require the polling of webpage elements that can slow down the testing immensely. API testing is beneficial for its time efficiency and speediness.
  4. API Testing is language-independent testing. This exchange’s data uses JSON or XML. These are the most used transfer methods that are independent f the languages. This ensures that you can select any of the languages when pursuing the testing services for the application. This makes API Testing better than GUI testing.